We are currently hiring for the Ferry Captain position.

Prudence Bay Islands Transport operates a passenger and vehicle ferry service between Bristol Rhode Island and Prudence Island Rhode Island.
We are currently seeking to fill a full time ferry captain position. Captains will operate both the summer vessel; a 120’ x 40’ former Hatteras class ferry powered by triple screw Detroit 6-71N propulsion engines, and the wintervessel; a 65’ x 35’ Blount built ferry powered by a single screw Detroit 12-71N propulsion engine.


  •  Captains must possess, at minimum, a current 100 ton master of inland waters license.
  • The captain must hold a current First Aid and CPR certification.
  • The captain must be prepared to enroll in our random drug testing program through the
    marine consortium, which includes a pre-employment drug test.

Captain’s Responsibilities include:
o Maintaining the safety of passengers and crew at all times
o Safe and proficient vessel maneuvering skills both while docking and underway
o Knowledge and ability to utilize vessel’s emergency systems
o Participation in monthly drills and preparedness to act in case of emergencies
o Maintenance of all onboard logs and forms
o Determining if weather conditions are safe for travel and cancelling if conditions
o Following all Coast Guard rules and regulations including post-incident procedures
o Passenger and vehicle loading and unloading of the vessels
o Ticket sales and reservation processing

Majority of this position takes place outdoors and applicants must be willing to perform, at times, physical work in the elements.

The ferry captain position is also a customer service position, and applicants will be expected to work with the public on a daily basis.

A basic knowledge of computers and marine systems is required.

To apply, fill out the application below or contact ARmarine2013@gmail.com with letters of interest, applications, resumes and questions about the position.

Applicants may also drop off applications and resumes in person at our Bristol Ferry terminal located at 147 Thames St. Bristol, Rhode Island

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