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To sign up for text messaging, stop by the Prudence Office during office hours.

Captains Cards

Prudence & Bay Islands Transport is pleased to announce the use of Captains Cards. This is a rechargeable card that can be used to make reservations online, over the phone or in person, as well as purchasing ticket at the office. If you have an online account for reservations, the Captain’s Card can be attached and will be remembered so you do not have to input your card information every time. The Captain’s Card can be purchased at the Prudence Pier Office and recharged at either office or over the phone. They will make excellent gifts. No expiration dates.

Tickets — Prudence

Adult (12 and up)
$5.40 one way
Child (5 to 11 years old)
$1.90 one way
Infant to 4 years old
Vehicle < 1 ton & under 18 ft.
$31.00 one way
Vehicle < 1 ton & over 18 ft.
$31.00 + an additional $3.65/ft.
Vehicle over 1 ton and < 2 tons
$43.00 one way
Adult 10-trip Pass
$32.50 – Sold at Prudence office & on website
      Now sold at Bristol office on trial period
Adult 20-trip Pass
$55.00 – Sold at Prudence office & on website
      Now sold at Bristol office on trial period
Vehicle < 1 ton 6-trip Pass
$126.00 – Sold at Prudence office & on website
      Now sold at Bristol office on trial period

Notice of Emergency Fuel Surcharge

Pursuant to Division of Public Utilities and Carriers Order No. 16701,
A&R Marine Corp. is hereby authorized to charge an Emergency Fuel Surcharge
for the period of June 1, 2018 through June 30, 2018
in the following manner:
$.70 per passenger per one-way trip ($1.40 round-trip)
$.70 per vehicle per one-way trip ($1.40  round-trip)

PLEASE NOTE: Propane tanks and gasoline cans may not be brought onto the boat.

Tickets — Hog Island

Call the office for updates.

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