Boat Charters

Text Messages

To sign up for text messaging, stop by the Prudence Office during office hours.

Captains Cards

Prudence & Bay Islands Transport is pleased to announce the use of Captains Cards. This is a rechargeable card that can be used to make reservations online, over the phone or in person, as well as purchasing ticket at the office. If you have an online account for reservations, the Captain’s Card can be attached and will be remembered so you do not have to input your card information every time. The Captain’s Card can be purchased at the Prudence Pier Office and recharged at either office or over the phone. They will make excellent gifts. No expiration dates.

The charter fee for the vessel with Captain and one deckhand is $300.00 per hour. The maximum passenger capacity of the vessel is 150 people. However, the Captain may require an additional deckhand if the passenger count goes over 75 people. The cost of an extra deckhand is $50.00 per hour. Please contact the office at 401.683.0430 to schedule a charter or with any other questions.

Photo taken by Carl Bearse

Bonner Underway 1

Photo taken by Stephen Hammond